When you are selling a house, you want your potential buyers to see, and appreciate, a spacious and uncluttered home that invite them to see themselves and their family living comfortably there.

Adopting our de-clutter service & maximising the selling-price as you know means ensuring the home is clean and well presented. De-cluttering throughout all living spaces is an ideal way to help achieve this outcome.

Apple Removals will work with you to achieve the calm and soothing environment you need to present to your potential buyers during inspections.

Our service involves the packing of items for temporary storage while the home is on the market. We can store your items in storage Modules in a safe dry clean warehouse, ready for when they are needed back. Our packing ladies are fast and efficient. We can also supply boxes and all packing material. When your home is sold, we can deliver your stored items to your new premises.

We can help in the disposal of any items, eg unwanted furniture etc.