Small Box description ($3.95 ea) come packs of 10

New Heavy duty with double cardboard walls to add maximum protection, so it offers more
protection. Great for heavier goods, perfect for moving home and for storage.
Books, wine bottles, CD’s/DVD’s, games and other Heavy items.
Specifications- Internal Dimensions:
Length: 415 mm
Width: 310 mm
Height: 345 mm

Tea Chest Box description ($4.95 ea) come in packs of 10

New Heavy duty with double cardboard walls to add maximum protection. Convenient large box,
suitable for odd items to be packed as well as pillows, blankets, clothing.
A very versatile box. Fits all household items including small appliances.
Specifications- Internal Dimensions:
Length: 425 mm
Width: 405 mm
Height: 595 mm

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